Incredible Value! It's All About Roses This Week In McD's!

Happiness is blooming in our Garden Centres with incredible offers on a huge variety of Roses! šŸŒø

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Fall in love with growing roses! With a simple feeding schedule and special rose food, you can make sure your roses thrive all year round. Enjoy their magnificent beauty without the hassle of hard-to-maintain plants!

Make your garden stand outĀ with the best of the best from McD's garden centres without the hefty price tag!

Read on to discover our expert horticulturistsĀ top picks for Roses, guaranteed to create a breathtakingly beautiful garden oasis.

Carpet RosesĀ 

Carpet Roses for just ā‚¬9.99 at McDs

Transform your garden into a breathtaking oasis with Carpet Roses. These beautiful flowers provide a stunning blanket of blossoms, perfect for seaside gardens or exposed areas. Enjoy a low-maintenance solution with drought-tolerant qualities, trustworthy even in hard-to-reach spots or areas with sporadic water. Create a stunning effect with borders, mass plantings, pots, and urban gardens! Find joy in a garden that needs less water, but gives more in return.

This is our horticulturist Caitā€™sĀ favourite rose šŸ’šfor its beautiful display. And at justĀ ā‚¬9.99Ā for aĀ 2.5ltr pot these roses are incredible value!Ā Beautiful gardens are not out of reach when you shop in McD's!

Standard Roses

Standing Stemmed Rose Bush at McDs Garden Centres

Add a little drama to your garden and create a luxurious look without breaking the bank! Our Standard Roses add height and depth to any border, and provide the perfect touch for any doorway or path.Ā Featuring a single tall stem, rich foliage, and vibrant flowers, these modern roses will bring life and beauty to any setting. Easy to maintain, simply keep theĀ stem bud free and feed!Ā  With a fertile, well drained soil and a sunny spot, you'll have an exquisite garden in no time! Suitable for planting or potting.

And the best part is, these Rose Trees are only ā‚¬39.99!

Standing Stemmed Rose Bush at McDs

David Austin Roses

David Austin Roses at McD's Garden Centres

Gorgeous blooms, lovely fragrance, and graceful shrubs - the David Austin Roses are unsurpassed for creating a stunning garden! Known as the world's best breeder, his roses will make your garden truly come alive with their unmatched beauty and exquisite fragrance. Get ready to be captivated by their exuberant bloomĀ and at an unbeatable price - starting at just ā‚¬21.99!

David Austin Yellow Rose The Poets Wife at McDs Garden Centres

Top PicksĀ From David Austin RosesĀ 

Getrude Jeckyll

Getrude Jekyll David Austin Fragrant Rose

Gertrude Jeckyll is the perfect rose for anyone looking for beauty and fragrance! Blooming from June to September with large, bright pink flowers, and boasting that quintessential Old Rose aroma, Gertrude Jeckyll will thrive in sun and partial sun, in any soil type. Use this delightful rose to bring your walls, fences and doorways to life with its unmistakable fragrance! Only ā‚¬21.99Ā this rose happens to be our horticulturist Marieā€™s personal favourite šŸ’š

Gertrude Jekyll Shrub Rose at McDs garden centre

Strawberry Hill Climbing Rose

Strawberry Hill David Austin Climbing Rose at McD's Garden Centres

Experience the beauty of the Strawberry Hill, producingĀ mid-pink medium large cupped roses! With their delicious myrrh, heather honey fragrance and glossy dark foliage, these arching branches make a stunning addition to walls, fences, standard arches, obelisks, and doorways. Low maintenance and hardy, it flowers repeatedly from June-September in full sunlight and any soil type - a must-have for only ā‚¬24.99!

Climbing Rose on Arch McD's


Don't Forget Your Rose Food!

Maintaining beautiful roses in your garden is surprisingly easy with the right nutrition. When purchasing any of our Rose shrubs, bushes or treesĀ our horticulturalists will always recommend buying one of our quality Rose Foods.Ā ProvidingĀ your blooms with the minerals and nutrients they need to thrive - without draining your wallet.

Get amazing results every time when you shop with McD's!


Indulge your plants withĀ Miracle Gro Liquid Rose Food! Visibly healthy in just 7 days, this newly formulated blend contains Humifirst - enriched with organic matter - to stimulate growth and yield with added resistance to environmental stresses. An infusion of essential nutrients, plus extra iron for vibrant green leaves, ensures optimal plant health. Get an unbeatable boost that lasts up to two weeks!Ā



Gouldings Liquid Rose Food is the perfect solution for helping your rose bushes thrive. With its balanced blend of nutrients, it strengthens and nourishes your roses with everything they need for amazingly healthy, vibrant blooms all season long. One application every fortnight, and your roses will be blooming with lush colour and remarkable vitality! At just ā‚¬4.99 can you really afford to miss this offer!



Nourish your garden with this season's must-have.Ā The Miracle GroĀ special granules deliver essential nutrients with extra iron and magnesium to produce bigger, lusher plants with more blooms. Enjoy up to 3 months of feeding with just twice a season application, creating top quality blooms and beautiful green leaves!

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