Jobs for the Spring Garden

Before you know it, it will be nearly Saint Patrick’s day so now is a great time to assess your garden and get it prepared for the summer.

Prepare for Spring with our gardening tips


  1. Start planting seed potatoes now. You can choose from our any three for €20 range
  2. Order your vegetable seeds now for spring sowing.
  3. Prune fruit bushes, and roses now.
  4. Tidy all wall climbers, trim where needed, and tie in where needed.
  5. Plant flower summer bulbs now for colour from now until autumn. Use potgrown bulbs for early spring colour and from March onwards, plant bulbs of Dahlia, Begonia & Lily.
  6. Plant new Barerooted Hedges before end of March.
  7. Fertilise the lawn now with a slow release fertiliser. Remember that less is more. If you over fertilise in spring, you will pay for it in summer because the fast growth will have you mowing the lawn far more than necessary.
  8. If you’re planning to put down a new lawn, whether by seed or rolls, now is the time to do it whilst there is still moisture in the air and the roots have time to establish before the heat of summer.
  9. Head outdoors regularly with secateurs in hand to prune shrubs, low hanging trees and perennials which will be growing quickly and may need a bit of shaping. Be careful not to remove any flowering buds though, as you will be disappointed later when you don’t get any flowers. It’s also time to prune any plants that flowered over winter and autumn.
  10. Weed and kill the moss now with our garden chemicals. Work now to save time in summer