10 Bulbs To Plant In Autumn To Get Stunning Displays

Bulb season is upon us once again, that wonderful time when we start picking and planting to be later dazzled by those incredible spring and summer blooms. Spring bulbs provide some of the biggest, boldest and most exotic-looking displays, and if you want to start out on your growing adventure but are a little unsure, here are some Tips & Tricks For Planting Your Spring Bulbs

Of course, you’ll often find beauties like these ready-grown and in full bloom at our garden centre during spring and summer, but in our opinion, this is the cheapest and most fulfilling way to enjoy your garden. With just a little early planning you can easily grow them yourself, setting your garden up to be a dazzling oasis at a fraction of the price and completely on your own terms!

So what do we start with? Well, that of course would be the humble yet ever gorgeous…

1. Crocus Flowering ‘Pickwick’

This proud little crocus has heaps of personality and a truly unique look that will win the hearts of all. The pickwick’s petals are festooned with fancy purple pinstripes which surround its brilliant neon red-orange stamens, that attract bees like a magnet.We can’t help but follow that up with the classic…

2. Daffodil Yellow Cheerfulness

A staple in any spring garden, the wonderfully fragrant Narcissus ‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ boasts long-lasting, double flowers and their multiple, soft golden-yellow petals and a warm orange-yellow centre. A very reliable perennial, you cannot help but smile when looking at this daffodil!

3. Bluebells Non Scripta

The emergence of the native Bluebell is the one true sign that Spring has finally begun. Indeed from April through to May, Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta shows off its stunningly vibrant purplish-blue flowers with delicate petals that curve gently backwards at the tips.

4. Muscari Armeniacum

Most Muscari Armeniacum “Grape Hyacinths” are so reliable and undemanding that they are simply taken for granted. They need absolutely no special care and, once planted, will flower and spread ferociously, to the point that division may be the only significant care necessary every few years.

5. Tulip Dwarf Little Red Riding Hood

A small low growing tulip breed with incredibly beautiful, scarlet-red flowers and black centres that most often bloom from April to May. Even the foliage is attractive with unique purple stripes running down the broad leaves, which makes it a stand out flower before the blooms even open.

6. Hyacinth Fondant

Perfect for pots, containers or garden beds, the Hyacinth ‘Fondant’ brings a colourful sight to those dull days of late winter! With amazing flowered spikes densely covered with starry, apple-blossom pink flowers adorned with paler outer edges, all while being wonderfully delightfully fragrant!

7. Tulip Apeldoorn Elite

With flowers that are a deep golden with a flush of bright red,elegant shape and immaculate blooms, this lovely multi-coloured tulip even has a soft vanilla fragrance, that is sure to please. Being quite tough reliable perennials these will produce many lovely flowers for your garden year after year.

8. Anemone Lord Lieutenant

Incredibly eye-catching, Anemone coronaria ‘Lord Lieutenant’ features masses of purple-blue, multi-petalled flowers adorned with a dark button center. Blooming in mid to late spring, they usually last up to 4 weeks and will attract butterflies and make wonderful cut flowers.

9. Wild Tulip ‘Bakeri Lilac’

The Tulip ‘Bakeri Lilac’ may be short but makes up for it in personality. This award-winning tulip still makes a striking impact with its bold color combination: pastel lilac petals with a deep lemon-yellow center. The completely opened flower forms a star during the sunny hours. A truly beautiful sight every spring!

10. Iris Reticulata Harmony

Well known for its beautiful uniquely shaped flowers, the Iris ‘Harmony’ is a stunning flower with vibrant royal blue flowers, beautifully adorned with a white-rimmed gold crest. Blooming right through a late winter into early spring, these pretty little flowers are also popular because of their rich of a sweet fragrance.

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