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Nicotiana Summer Bedding Plants in McD's Garden Centres

Brighten your yard with the showy, night-scented flowers of Nicotiana. This popular tobacco plant is a great way to add bold colour and delightful fragrance to garden seating areas. Plant in full sun on well drained soil and enjoy self-cleaning blooms season after season. Let Nicotiana charm you with its beauty!

The Nicotiana is ideal for Beds and Borders.

Best Companion: Lobelia


Lobelia Summer Bedding Plants in McD's Garden Centres

Lobelia is an annual plant that will brighten any garden with its gorgeous display of colourful petals. Its moderate size and trailing habit make it ideal for containers and hanging baskets, while its partial shade needs make it low-maintenance. The Lobelia makes an excellent choice for bedding and borders. It requires a good, fertile, moist soil to promote blooming well into the season. No pruning is necessary, although trimming and deadheading in midsummer can help promote healthier growth.

The Lobelia is great for Beds, Borders, Containers, Hanging Baskets, and Window Boxes.

Best Companion: Nicotiana, Pansy


Dianthus Summer Bedding Plants in McD's Garden Centres

Dianthus flowers offer an attractive cottage-style charm to your garden. Its low-maintenance requirements and neutral to slightly alkaline soil preference make it a great choice for garden beds, borders, and containers. Deadheading encourages blooming, but may be skipped if you wish to collect the plant's seeds and spread them naturally. The open blooms boast a clove-like scent, as well as rich nectar and heavy pollen - perfect pollinator attractors!

The Dianthus will thrive in Beds, Borders, Containers and Window Boxes.

Best Companion: Pansy, Sweat Pea, Geraniums


Pansies Summer Bedding Plants in McD's Garden Centres

Pansies are a great choice for your garden, as they are low-maintenance, hardy perennials that will survive a frost or even a hard freeze. In addition, these purifying herbs contain powerful plant compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Perfect for flower beds, these blooms will enhance your garden and give you beautiful pops of colour.

Perfect for Flower Beds, Baskets, Patio tubs and Window Boxes

Best Companion: Dianthus


Ageratum Summer Bedding Plants in McD's Garden Centres

Ageratum is a versatile annual flower, characterized by its whimsical, pompom-shaped blooms. You can find it in shades of blue, white, pink, lavender, and red. When planting, use moist, well-drained soil amended with compost or peat moss. Plant shorter varieties about 6 inches apart and taller varieties about 12 inches apart for the best results.

Perfect for beds, containers and window boxes

Best Companion: Begonias


Nemesia Summer Bedding Plants in McD's Garden Centres

Nemesia are an easy-to-grow, colourful annual with fragrant flowers from spring to autumn. They thrive in full sun or part shade and a variety of soils with different PH balances. These flowers are not only beautiful but are also safe for children, cats, and dogs. Nemesia is a great option for your hanging baskets and containers, as it cascades down the sides.

Best Companion: Lobelia, Pansy


Marigold Bedding Plants At McD's Garden Centres

This easy-to-care-for perennial offers an abundance of vibrant, double flowers in orange, lemon, golden, and bicolour varieties. It thrives in sunny or partly shaded environments, with regular watering and balanced fertiliser in dry seasons. Enjoy colourful blooms all summer long, as long as you remember to remove dead flower heads to promote continued flowering. Plant 30-45 cm apart for an eye-catching display.

Perfect for use in Beds, Containers and Window Boxes.

Best Companion: Roses, Geranium


Petunia Summer Bedding at McD's Garden Centres in Cork, Loughrea and Galway City

Vibrant colour and plenty of petals make our petunias a stunning addition to any outdoor space. Enjoy larger-than-life blooms that are perfect for containers, baskets, and window boxes. Plant in sun or part shade and be sure to fertilize weekly for a long-lasting display of grandeur. With vibrant blooms and easy care, why not delight in dazzling petunias this season?

Ideal for Hanging Baskets, Containers, Beds

Best Companion: Geraniums, Lobelia, Marigold


Dahlia Summer Bedding in McDs Galway Cork and Loughrea

Let your garden shine with stunning Dahlias! Each mix of vibrant blooms delight with a vivid show of single, semi-double or double flowers from mid-summer to autumn. Plant in fertile, humus-rich soil, and bask in the full sun for a truly resplendent show. Transform your beds and borders, or brighten up patio tubs with magnificent Dahlias!

Ideal for Beds, Containers

Best Companion: AgapanthusGeraniumNasturtium

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