Our Christmas Tree Sizing Guide

Every Christmas season, we set out in search of that perfect tree size – one that effortlessly pulls together our Christmas baubles, bells, candy canes and stockings with festive flair.


And let’s admit it. Choosing and decorating an artificial Christmas tree is one of the most exciting highlights of the season. It’s a chance to get truly creative and inject your personal style into every little detail. However, before you buy that tree you’ve been eyeing, consider whether its size actually suits your space.

That means we need to find you a Christmas tree size and style that perfectly suits the room it’s going in. If it’s too big, you risk overwhelming your living room; too small and you might struggle to make a lasting impression. It’s all about striking the right balance.

So, are we in search of a behemoth 9ft tree to fill that living space? Or perhaps we want a much more reasonably sized, yet equally impactful option? To find out, continue reading our artificial Christmas tree size guide, below.

So how much space do I actually need for a Christmas tree?

Christmas Tree Sizing Guide

To work out the space you’ll need for your tree, you first need to check your chosen spot’s maximum height limit. This means getting out the measuring tape and step ladder and checking the distance from the floor to the ceiling (the average ceiling height in most Irish homes is 2.4m or around 8ft). Then, subtract a minimum of 15cm or 6″ from this measurement for the tallest height allowed for your artificial Christmas tree (you don’t want your tree topper to be squashed into the ceiling).

For example, if your floor-to-ceiling measurement is 9ft, then an 8 – 8.5ft artificial Christmas tree is the ideal height for this space.

Now we need to find out how wide a Christmas tree you can fit in your home, you need to measure the maximum square footage of your preferred spot. For this, measure the length and width of your space, subtract a foot from each of those measurements and then multiply them together.

So, if your space’s length is 3ft and its width is 4ft, then the maximum square footage with an ample amount of room around the outside would be 2ft x 3ft, which equals 6ft2.

But which tree style will suit my room best?

Here comes the fun part; actually looking for that perfect Christmas tree that fits your dimensions. If you’re working with a slightly tighter space, you’ll probably want to opt for a slim Christmas tree (with a diameter of about 80cm for a 7ft slim Christmas tree), whereas low ceilinged apartments can still look fantastically festive with a 5 or 6 ft “full” artificial Christmas tree.

Inversely, if you have your heart set on a particular Christmas tree type but the traditional spot is a little height restrictive, then maybe you could search for that full, slim, flatback or pencil tree type in a different size.

Nonetheless grab that measuring tape and get planning. Right now is the BEST time to buy and its better to be safe in the knowledge that your dream Christmas tree will have plenty of space to breathe and be perfect for your home – after all, you don’t want to be knocking your fancy baubles off every time you walk past.