Tips When Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

There is nothing like a beautifully full, perfectly formed Christmas Tree to brighten up your home at Christmas. And if you are looking to swap your real pine needle shedding Christmas Tree for a realistic artificial one, we have noted some important factors for you to consider prior to buying.

Tip Count

If you are new to artificial Trees, you might wonder what is meant by 'tip count'. This is the number of tips that each tree has, of course the taller the tree the higher the tip count. But if you are comparing trees of a similar height the tip count will tell how full and bushy the tree is. Typically a higher tip count also makes the Tree more realistic looking, as well giving you the opportunity to hang more decorations!


More important than the size of the Tree is the size of the space where you plan to put your Tree. Ideally you want to have 6 inches from the top of your Tree to your ceiling. For example a 7.5ft Christmas Tree is ideal for a ceiling that is 8 - 9ft, as it gives you space for a Tree Topper without it touching the ceiling. 

Slim Christmas Tree

The width is also an essential factor, those with smaller apartments should consider a slim tree, as it gives you more space to move around and still makes an impact with height. If you have a larger space our wider Trees are full and beautiful to 

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Do your Christmas lights ever end up in a tangled mess? If so one of McD's Pre Lit trees might be for you. Already decorated with LED lights woven through the branches, this type of tree means one less thing to worry about! However if you do like a well lit Tree it is worth noting that you may wish to add another set to the Pre Lit tree.

Flocked Christmas Trees

Snowy trees are making a big impact this Christmas. Increasing in popularity they happen to be the easiest trees to decorate and create a real winter wonderland in your home!


Did you know it takes from 10 - 12 years for a 6 - 7ft Christmas Tree to grow from a seed in Ireland? Hard to believe but after all that, the same Tree is cut down, decorated and then discarded after a mere few weeks. Another great reason to buy a quality artificial Tree that will last for years!

 Christmas Trees

Our Top Picks 

to further help you along your buying journey, we have identified some of our top picks.

Best Budget Buy

Without a doubt our best budget buy is the Kensington, beautifully full and perfect to cover with decorations. 

Kensington 7 Ft Christmas Tree

Premium Buy

The King Pine is one of Ireland's favourite Christmas Trees, gloriously full and realistic, this Tree will see you through many a Christmas.

 King Pine Christmas Tree

Best Flocked Tree

Our Lapland Spruce looks like it was just plucked from a snowy winter forest. Realistic and majestic this Tree oozes luxury and elegance. And with 1492 tips, it gives you ample room for your decorations.

Lapland Spruce Tree Flocked



Best Pre Lit Tree

This show stopping Tree features on Ireland AM's stunning Christmas set display this year. Easy to assemble, it is beautifully full and realist looking. 

Pre Lit Oregon Pine Christmas Tree