Bird Care: Food and Feeders for Feathered Friends

13 products

    13 products
    Aura Small Bird Feeder
    Regular price RRP: €34.99 Save 50%
    Sale priceMcD's: €17.49
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    Gardman Seed Mix 1kg
    Regular price RRP: €3.49 Save 14%
    Sale priceMcD's: €2.99
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    Gardman Suet Feast for Wild Birds - 3 Pack
    Gardman Suet Feast 3 Pack
    Regular price RRP: €6.99 Save 29%
    Sale priceMcD's: €4.99
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    5kg Peanuts Bird Feed (tub)

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    20kg Sunflower Hearts
    Regular price RRP: €69.99 Save 14%
    Sale priceMcD's: €59.99
    25kg Peanuts Wild Bird Feed

    Metal Niger Bird Seed Feeder
    Regular price RRP: €11.99 Save 17%
    Sale priceMcD's: €9.99

    Shop Bird Care Products

    Explore an Extensive Range of Bird Care Products at McD's Garden and Home. Our commitment to avian well-being is reflected in our diverse selection, encompassing not only various types of feed and feeders, but also an array of solutions designed to enhance your garden's appeal to our feathered friends.

    Nourish Birds with Nutrient-Rich Feed

    Our selection of bird feed is specially formulated to cater to the nutritional needs of different bird species. Whether you're catering to finches or robins, our offerings provide the essential sustenance required for their overall health and vitality.

    Discover Ingenious Feeders

    From petite feeders designed to attract small birds to more elaborate options, our range covers the spectrum of avian visitors you might encounter. Our feeders are designed for easy use and maintenance, ensuring your feathered visitors are always well cared for.

    Browse Quality Seeds, Peanuts, and Energy Balls

    Enhance your bird care regimen with top-tier feed options, including quality seeds, peanuts, and energy balls. These high-energy treats are beloved by a wide variety of birds and are ideal for keeping them nourished, especially during colder months. We only stock top quality brands like Peckish and Tippland bird care.

    Make Your Garden a Haven for Beautiful Wild Birds

    Attract the most stunning wild birds to your garden without breaking the bank. McD's offers competitive prices that allow you to provide quality care for your feathered visitors, making your outdoor space a hub of natural beauty and activity.

    Enjoy Added Savings and Convenience

    To make your shopping experience even more rewarding, McD's offers free delivery throughout Ireland for orders over €75. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of having your bird care products delivered right to your doorstep while enjoying the beauty of nature in your own backyard.

    Discover the McD's difference in bird care—shop now to create an inviting haven for birds while enjoying the convenience of quality products and free delivery.

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