10 Things To Do In The Garden During Lockdown

With many of us staying at home due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden. Gardening during this phase is good for the body, the mind and the soil, (Sorry! we couldn’t help ourselves). If you want to get out and get some fresh air around your garden but are unsure where to start, here are 10 great things to do in your garden right now.

1. Sow the seeds – When you sow seeds in the ground you wink at the future. Order some seed online, sow it in pots on a warm windowsill and plant the seedlings out once the danger of frost is past. The joy and kick you’ll see as the seedling bursts through the soil and begins its growth is exactly the kind of thing we need in times of great uncertainty.

2. Pot up some veg – Herbs, salad leaves, spinach, beetroot, dwarf French beans, potatoes and dwarf carrots will all do well in containers. Look at our grow your own plants for interesting varieties. Cut-and-come-again lettuce leaves are especially quick.

3. Mow-tivate yourself (Sorry Again!) – If the weather is reasonable, dust down the mower and get out there. Set the blades to about 2.5cm to avoid any scalping and then trim the edges with long-handled shears.

4. Get some order – Re-edging the lawn is surprisingly satisfying and it magically – and speedily – improves the appearance of your garden overall. Ideally use a half-moon shaped edging tool, or a garden spade. To change the lawn’s shape, lay hosepipe as a guide.

5. Get raking – If you fancy a vigorous task that will give you a work out and get your heart pumping, rake the lawn. Use a spring-tined rake and energetically pull out the moss and dead grass cuttings by raking in all directions.

6. Open a bird café – Send off for some feeders and birdfood and get started –Our Bird Care section offers everything from sunflower hearts to suet cakes.

7 Give plants a boost – Get them off to a flying start now by feeding them the good stuff. We have a wide range of organic and plant feeds from the best suppliers to get your plants going. They’ll thank you with good strong growth.

8. Turn that lawn green. Rid yourself of moss and bring the colour back to your garden. From our lawncare section we recommend Gouldings Complete Lawnfeed, Weed & Mosskiller and Greenforce Instant Green Lawn Tonic.

9. Pick a strawberry – Look online and find a juicy strawberry variety you like the sound of, order a pack of plants and get them in. A good dose of organic fertiliser such as 6x6x Organic Fibrous Fertiliser will offer them a steady supply of nutrients to give them a good start.

10.Shed some light – String up some garden lights to bring a sparkle to a tree, porch, archway or shapely shrub. Put them where you can see and enjoy them from the house.

Most of all folks. Enjoy your garden and home. Take care and stay safe.