This Weeks Top 5 Picks From Our Garden Centres

Spring has sprung in our garden centres

Our expert horticulturalists select the best plants for your garden each week, ensuring you never miss out on the best of Spring. From beautiful blooms to lush foliage, there is new stock arriving weekly. Take advantage of their expertise and find the perfect addition to your garden. 

This Week's Top 5 Picks For Your Garden


Aubretia from McD's Garden Centre in a variety of colours

Discover the vibrant, long-lasting beauty of Aubretia! This low-growing, evergreen perennial is perfect for creating eye-catching ground cover and will come back every year, blooming with a stunning array of colours. Experience the joy of Aubretia with this 3Ltr potted variety – an incredible investment at just €8.99!

Aconitum - Bressingham Spire

 Aconitum - Bressingham Spire available in McD's Garden Centre

Introducing the Aconitum - a beautiful, vibrant addition to your garden that slugs and snails won't touch! Experience its beautiful foliage now and flowers in August and September. With its delicate, hood-shaped flowers in shades of deep violet, it's perfect for creating a stunning centrepiece or making a bouquet that will bring beauty into your home. Low-maintenance and incredibly affordable at just €8.99, why not make this incredible plant your own?

Vegetable Plants

Cabbage - Sprouts - Broccoli - Cauliflower - Lettuce

Vegetables ready for planting 3 for €10

Create a nutrient-rich garden with our incredible selection of ready to plant vegetables: Cabbage, Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Lettuce! Enjoy flavourful, healthy meals created from home-grown vegetables with this unbeatable 3 for €10 deal. Experience the joy of growing your own produce and save money!

Pear Duo Tree

Duo Pear Tree in McD's Garden Centre

Taste the delightful difference of home-grown pears! Introducing the Pear Duo Tree — producing two varieties of delicious fruit to savour: the classic Beurre Hardy, with its strong, aromatic taste and the sweet, crisp Williams. Plant your Pear Duo Tree now and enjoy the pleasures of freshly-picked pears come September - October. Discover the true flavour of pears — only €39.99.


Viburnum highly scented flowering shrub from McD's Garden Centre

Introducing the Viburnum, a hardy and deciduous flowering shrub. With two beautiful varieties for you to choose from-  'Anne Russell', with white blooms in spherical clusters, and 'Diana' of red buds and pink blooms- your garden will be transformed. Not only is it a great choice for small gardens and patios, but it’s low maintenance, hardy and scented! Get yours now for only €29.99 in a 7.5litre pot!

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This is just a small selection of what we have in store. And they are guaranteed to sell out quickly, so be sure to visit one of our garden centres ASAP! And our passionate staff will help you create your perfect garden escape.  

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