How to Assemble an Artificial Christmas Tree

We use hinged trees which are simple to assembly. Just follow the instructions on this video to see how easy it easy to achieve that gorgeous look This is available to buy from our Christmas Tree selection

All our trees from Everlands have a 12-year warranty. This warranty includes the standard 2-year manufacturing warranty, plus an extended warranty of 10 years

  1. Unfold the stand
  2. Insert the largest bottom brand into the stand
  3. Tighten bolt screw into tree branch base
  4. Straighten and seperate all branch tips
  5. Continue inserting the branch sections in descending order.
  6. Continue to straighten and seperate all branch tips as you insert them into place
  7. Unfold the branches at the top
  8. Fluff the tree into a realistic shape
  9. Now the tree is ready to decorate