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Mrs Claus Christmas

Mrs. Claus' Christmas Bauble Wonderland Collection

9 products

    9 products
    52CM Decorative Candy Cane Glitter
    Regular price RRP: £16.00 Save 31%
    Sale priceMcD's: £11.00
    Clear and Green Wreath Hanging Decoration - 14cm
    Wreath Hanging Decoration Clear & Green - 14cm
    Regular price RRP: £6.00 Save 33%
    Sale priceMcD's: £4.00
    Elf Sock Hanging Christmas Decoration
    Elf Sock Hanging Christmas Decoration
    Regular price RRP: £7.00 Save 29%
    Sale priceMcD's: £5.00
    Christmas Red Shatterproof Bauble Mix Tube Of 30
    Regular price RRP: £15.00 Save 47%
    Sale priceMcD's: £8.00
    Redwood Glitter Christmas Tree Bauble 8CM
    Regular price RRP: £3.00 Save 33%
    Sale priceMcD's: £2.00
    Red Breasted Robin Christmas Tree Decoration
    Felt Red Breasted Robin Christmas Tree decoration
    Hanging Christmas Wool Robins
    Regular price RRP: £11.00 Save 27%
    Sale priceMcD's: £8.00

    Welcome to the Enchanting Mrs. Claus' Christmas Bauble Wonderland Collection!

    Step into a world of festive magic and holiday charm with our thoughtfully curated assortment. From the whimsical Elf Candy Cane Decorations to the adorable Rudolph's Reindeer Bucket, every piece has been carefully chosen to bring the warmth of Mrs. Claus' holiday haven to your home. Let's explore the delightful treasures that await you:

    Elf Candy Cane Decorations:

    Add a playful touch to your holiday decor with our Elf Candy Cane Decorations. Her cheerful little elves are here to spread joy and merriment throughout your space with their glittering Candy Cane decorations. Hang them on your tree, mantle, or even use them on wreaths and garlands to infuse your home with the playful spirit of Christmas.

    Elf Striped Red Candy Tree Decorations:

    Transform your tree into a festive wonderland with our Elf Striped Red Candy Tree Decorations. These vibrant and eye-catching ornaments are reminiscent of the candies that adorn Mrs. Claus' kitchen during the holiday season. Let the spirit of merrymaking fill the air as you hang these joyful decorations.

    Mrs. Claus' Glittering Gingerbread Men:

    Indulge in the sweet delights of the season with our Glittering Gingerbread Men ornaments. Crafted with care and adorned with shimmering details, these ornaments pay homage to Mrs. Claus' baking prowess and add a touch of sugary charm to your decorations.

    Create a cosy and welcoming Christmas atmosphere that Mrs. Claus and her elves would adore. Our carefully selected pieces from the Christmas Bauble Wonderland Collection are designed to evoke the magic of the holiday season. Whether you're a fan of the North Pole's festive spirit or simply seeking charming decorations, our collection has everything you need to transform your space into a haven of joy and wonder.

    Step into the heartwarming World

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