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Oslo Twin Egg Chair
Regular price RRP: €699.99 Save 29%
Sale priceMcD's: €499.99
Fire Column ideal for Outdoor Dining
Muztag Copenhagen Fire Column
Regular price RRP: €999.99 Save 35%
Sale priceMcD's: €649.99
patio heater
Electric Standing Patio Heater
Nedis Electric Standing Patio Heater 1.5kw
Regular price RRP: €169.99 Save 41%
Sale priceMcD's: €99.99
Gas Patio Heater
Enders Elegance Gas Patio Heater 8kw
Regular price RRP: €299.99 Save 33%
Sale priceMcD's: €199.99
Oslo Single Egg Chair
Regular price RRP: €399.99 Save 25%
Sale priceMcD's: €299.99

Example product

Example product

Regular price €19.99

Example product

Example product

Regular price €19.99

From Sean McDonald

"I am are delighted to be exhibiting again this year at Bloom in our second year and doubling the size of our stand for 2023. I am also excited about bringing our plant offering for which we are known for our amazing prices and quality, as per last year we have a fantastic selection of Garden Furniture at very special Bloom prices.

It could not have happened without a great team effort in the background, both in setting up the stand and the marketing preparation that goes on to make McD’s who we are. In the meantime we have a great team in all stores creating a fantastic shopping experience for all our customers and whilst Bloom does deplete the stores of some staff members, everyone has stepped up in a great team effort.

 Really looking forward to a great show at Bloom 2023 and a great Bank Holiday in all stores."

Sean McDonald

Founder & Director of McD's Garden & Home

Exciting Multi-buy Plant Offers For Bloom!

Dianthus Tickled Pink Bloom Flower Offer
Dianthus 'Tickled Pink'

Tickled Pink' is known for its compact growth habit, making it ideal for borders, rock gardens, or container plantings. Its sweet, delicate fragrance adds an enchanting touch to the garden, attracting butterflies and bees.

Verbena Red Red Flowers
Verbena Red

The compact and bushy growth habit of Verbena makes it a versatile choice for borders, hanging baskets, or container gardens. Its profuse blooming nature ensures a striking display of fiery red flowers throughout the growing season. Not only does Verbena 'Red' add a bold splash of colour, but it also attracts pollinators, creating a lively and dynamic garden setting.

ARGYRANTHEMUM yellow flower, bloom plant offers

A versatile choice for borders, beds, or containers, adding a pop of colour to any landscape. Its long flowering season and easy-care nature make it a favorite among gardeners, providing continuous beauty and charm throughout the summer months.


'Sweet Tea' thrives in both sun and shade, making it a versatile choice for borders, containers, or woodland gardens.

Nepeta Purrsian Blue

A charming perennial herb , this compact and low-growing variety of Nepeta, also known as Catmint, features lovely spikes of small, deep blue flowers that bloom profusely from spring to summer. The aromatic gray-green foliage releases a pleasant fragrance, attracting bees, butterflies, and even cats. An excellent choice for borders, rock gardens, or containers.

Mimulus Magic Bloom Plant Offer
Mimulus Magic

A captivating annual flower that adds a playful and cheerful touch to any garden setting. It thrives in moist soil and partial shade, making it a great choice for borders, containers, or hanging baskets. Its charming blooms, resembling little smiling faces, are sure to bring joy and whimsy to your outdoor space.

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