5 Ways You Can Help Climate Change in Your Garden

In honour of Earth Day, we have listed 5 ways you can help climate change in your own back garden. McD's are proud suppliers of everything you need to create the most sustainable garden for your home.

Our organic products enable you to reduce the use of chemical-based fertilizer and pesticides, conserve water, reduce energy consumption, support wildlife, improve soil health and more. Help combat climate change by starting in your own back garden!

1. Plant a Tree

Trees are essential in fighting climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming. Through photosynthesis, they convert CO2 into oxygen while storing away the harmful greenhouse gas in their trunks, branches, and leaves. Planting and preserving trees is a powerful way to help keep the planet cool.

 Plant a Tree from McD's Garden Centres

Our garden centres in Dripsey, Cork, Loughrea and Galway city are fully stocked with many different types of trees, from fruit trees to evergreen. All at unbeatable prices. Do your bit for the environment today with a Tree from McD's!

2. Plant Pollinators

Open flowers Perfect for Pollinators

Planting Pollinators is the perfect way to help the environment while also creating an abundant vegetable/flower garden. Pollinators play a crucial role in the overall health of flowers, fruits, and seeds by assisting in the transfer and distribution of pollen.  Providing a safe and inviting habitat for beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and more. Perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces with biodiversity.

Call to one of our 3 Garden Centres and plant some pollinators today.

Pollinator Plants Guide

3. Feed Wild Birds

Bird Feed and Feeders up to 50% OFF


Wild birds play an indispensable role in ecosystems, providing vital resources like pest control, pollination and seed dispersal. However, they are increasingly facing the impacts of climate change, making preservation of these species a priority. You can help by providing much needed food and water. And with up to 50% OFF our Bird Feed and Feeders, it is more affordable than ever! Attract beautiful singing birds to your garden with McD's Bird Care!

4. Go Organic with Gardening Products

Organic Gardening Products

Organic gardening products promote sustainability, reducing pollution from chemical pesticides, while protecting beneficial bugs and preserving soil quality. Organic gardening is the most eco-friendly and effective way to enhance your garden. And it is the safer option for your pets, children and wildlife! 

Grow beautiful gardens responsibly with Hygeia's Nature Safe products. 100% sustainable, organic and safe for both children and pets, they guarantee a clean, green garden plus the satisfaction of supporting Irish vendors. Let Nature Safe help you create a vibrant outdoor space you can be proud of!

5. Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own Vegetables and Flowers From Seeds

By growing your own fruit, vegetables, and flowers, you are reducing your carbon footprint and the use of chemical pesticides. Get the freshest taste from your garden with organic fertilizers, and create a more sustainable environment. Get the healthiest and most delicious results, while knowing you've made a difference.

Do Your Bit For the Environment in 2023

Reduce your impact on climate change with these simple steps. With this organic and sustainable approach to gardening, small efforts reap big rewards, and you can help save the environment while improving your life.

Experience the power of simple, sustainable solutions today and utilize our 5 Climate-Friendly Garden Tips

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