Enhance Your Garden with Hydrangeas

A Guide to Planting and Caring for Hydrangeas

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Welcome to McD's Garden and Home, where we believe that nature's beauty should be brought closer to our lives. In this blog post, we will dive into the enchanting world of hydrangeas, focusing on two remarkable varieties: Annabelle and Runaway Bride. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, hydrangeas are an excellent addition to any garden. We will discuss where to plant them, how to plant them, and the numerous benefits they bring. Plus, we always have unbeatable value on all varieties of Hydrangeas! Let's get started!

Where to Plant Hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas thrive in partially shaded areas, where they receive a few hours of direct sunlight each day. This makes them an ideal choice for planting beneath taller trees or on the east or west sides of your home, where they can enjoy morning or evening sun. The dappled shade enhances their vibrant colours and protects them from scorching in the hot afternoon sun.

Pink Hydrangea Garden

How to Plant Hydrangeas?

a) Soil Preparation: Hydrangeas prefer well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Prepare the soil by incorporating compost to improve its fertility and drainage. Our Living Green Organic Compost is one of our bestsellers, and for good reason. It is 100% Irish and 100% Organic, therefore you can rest assured you are not only creating a beautiful garden, you are also contributing to a greener environment. 

b) Planting: Dig a hole twice as wide and slightly deeper than the root ball. Place the hydrangea in the hole, ensuring that the top of the root ball is level with the surrounding soil. Backfill the hole, gently firming the soil around the roots. Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil and eliminate any air pockets.

Planting Hydrangeas and Flowers

The Benefits of Planting Hydrangeas

a) Stunning Blooms: Hydrangeas are renowned for their show-stopping blooms, which range in colours from classic white to pink, blue, and even vibrant shades of purple. Annabelle hydrangeas display large, round clusters of white flowers, while Runaway Bride features delicate, lacecap-style blooms.

b) Long Blooming Season: Hydrangeas provide an extended period of beauty in your garden, with blooms often lasting from early summer through autumn. They add a touch of elegance and charm to any landscape.

c) Versatile Landscaping: These versatile plants can be used in various garden settings, including mixed borders, woodland gardens, or as focal points in flower beds. Their luscious blooms make them perfect for creating stunning flower arrangements, too.

d) Low Maintenance: Hydrangeas are relatively low-maintenance plants, requiring moderate watering and occasional pruning. They are generally hardy and adaptable, making them suitable for both experienced and novice gardeners.

Blue Hydrangea Garden with Wheelbarrow

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Hydrangeas are the epitome of elegance, and Annabelle and Runaway Bride are exceptional varieties to consider for your garden. With their stunning blooms, extended flowering season, and versatile landscaping potential, hydrangeas are a must-have addition to any outdoor space. McD's Garden and Home is delighted to provide you with high-quality hydrangeas at competitive prices, enabling you to enhance the beauty of your garden.

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